Kinský Palace

Kinský Palace was declared a national cultural monument in 1992. It is a significant Rococo building situated in Old Town Square in Prague.

Kinský Palace stands in the eastern section of Old Town Square, close to the Jan Hus (John Huss) memorial, next to the House at the Stone Bell.

Three important institutions (National Gallery, Charles University, National Museum) put together the best pieces from their collections. Twenty halls of Kinský Palace offer numerous artefacts of the ancient world cultures, satisfying the lovers of the pharaoh times, ancient Greece, Mesopotamia, as well as old Chinese and Japanese arts. Kinský Palace is the leading exhibition area in the Czech Republic.

Currently, Asian art collections are on display on the first floor and an ancient art collection on the second floor. The exposition consists of unique works of art covering seven thousand years of the development of art and including artefacts of the great cultures of the ancient world.

Kinský Palace


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