Celetná Street

Celetná Street is situated in the Old Town. Connecting Old Town Square with Republic Square, it is one of the oldest streets in Prague.

The street’s name comes from the 14th century when it was occupied by so-called “caltners”, makers of plaited bread called “calt”. Celetná Street has been part of the important Royal Route and has maintained its medieval layout. Some buildings still have Romanesque and Gothic architecture foundations of houses which originally lined the street. However, most of them were in the course of time converted to sumptuous Renaissance and Baroque residences and houses.

The present street is the result of complete reconstruction completed in 1987 which included the renewal of all facades. The street is 400 m long and is part of the pedestrian zone.

Numerous important buildings are situated in Celetná Street, such as the Divadlo v Celetné theatre, At the Three Queens house where Franz Kafka lived between 1896 and 1907, or the Arts and Theatre Institute.

Celetná Street


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