Troja Chateau

Prague borough of Trója features one of the most beautiful Baroque chateaux in the country, built in the late 17th century.

The main room of the chateau is decorated with numerous frescoes depicting the Habsburgs’ victory over the Turks at Vienna. A grand double staircase leading to a large, well-kept park with terracotta vases is decorated with statues.

The park, freely accessible during chateau opening hours, offers a splendid view of the chateau as well as the neighbouring vineyard with the tiny St. Claire’s Chapel. There is a fountain standing in the centre of the park, and a garden maze situated at its edge.

The Troja Chateau holds a permanent exposition from the City Gallery of Prague collections, including paintings of the leading Czech modernist, expressionist, and neoclassicism painters.

The Troja Chateau is accessible by bus from Holešovice Railway Station.

Troja Chateau


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