The Rudolfinum is considered to be one of the most important structures in Prague. It was built in 1876 –1884 according to architectural drafts of Josef Zítek and Josef Schulz as a multi-purpose community center, which was named Rudolfinum after the crown prince of Austria - Rudolf.

This Neo-Renaissance building, located on the left bank of the Vltava River, in Prague’s Old Town, was inaugurated in 1885 and the Czech Savings Bank financed 2 million gold pieces needed to build it to commemorate its 50th anniversary. However, it was only in 1896 that the first concert of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra took place in Rudolfinum’s main concert hall. It was under the baton of the composer Antonín Dvořák and the concert hall now bears his name.

Rudolfinum served its cultural purpose until 1919, when it was converted to the Chamber of the Deputies of the Czechoslovak Republic. It was only during the German occupation that the concert activities in Rudolfinum were restored and full rehabilitation of the building and particularly of its gallery had taken place only in 1992, when after a reconstruction conducted by the architect Karel Prager it has become the seat of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra and of the Rudolfinum Gallery.

The Rudolfinum


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