Republic Square

Náměstí Republiky (Republic Square), lying between the Old Town and the New Town, is among the busiest squares in Prague.

Today, Náměstí Republiky is visited and admired by great numbers of tourists, which is no surprise since it comprises numerous spectacular buildings.

The square rightly boasts several important structures: Obecní dům (Municipal House), Dům U Hybernů (U Hybernů House), Prašná brána (Powder Gate), Česká národní banka (Czech National Bank), St. Joseph’s Church, and Palladium and Kotva department stores. Kotva was open in the late 1970s as the largest department store in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic.

The present-day square is situated in the place of a moat, filled in the 19th century in order to make space for new construction development. The square underwent numerous reconstructions and its name was changed several times (from Hybernské Square to Kapucínské Square, then to Josefské Square and in 1919, after the formation of independent Czechoslovakia, to the present name).

Not a long time ago it used to be a busy intersection full of cars and trams. But after the metro station was constructed and tram lime in Na Příkopech Street, leading to the square from south, limited, a large part of the square is now a pedestrian zone.

The square lies only ten minutes of comfortable walk from Hotel Harmony. This is why Hotel Harmony is popular particularly among those clients who prefer to do sightseeing in the city centre on foot.


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